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Coaching Services

Coaching Services

I proudly offer a variety of services which help companies improve their service departments and their company’s profitability.

For dealers looking for new revenue streams and opportunities to expand beyond their current product offerings, I will evaluate the company’s strengths and weaknesses and what steps they will need to take to branch out. I will work with the senior management in finding opportunities, and preparing your company for the dramatic changes that are on the horizon in our industry. This can be done through an on-site visit, or remotely depending on the needs of the dealership.

For companies that want to address a specific challenge in their departments, I will evaluate the issue and provide suggestions on how to overcome the problem. This service is available on a per issue basis, and the rate will include follow up to make sure that the recommendations resolved the concern. This service will not normally require an on-site visit making it an affordable option for a specific issue.

I offer a comprehensive training program for service supervisors, service managers, and directors of service helping them become highly skilled in their roles. This program is unique in our industry both in content and delivery method. By leveraging technology, the students can remain in their job and start applying what the learn immediately. Classes on troubleshooting various sections of the equipment are available. An Advanced Service Management class is currently in development.

For companies that are looking for more in depth assistance, I offer a full-fledged program that involves several days of on-site evaluating all aspects of a company’s operations. This review will include policies and procedures, disaster planning, hiring and compensation, and operational metrics. This comprehensive review will identify areas where a dealership does not measure up to the Pro-Finance model, and provide a process for improvement. In addition to the on-site evaluation, this option includes ongoing support for a monthly retainer. For dealers that are contemplating a merger or sale, this review will help identify necessary changes to maximize a dealer’s valuation.

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